7 Ways to Show Face with Custom Masks

7 Ways to Show Face with Custom Masks

A custom face mask can be a bit of a moody creature. Some days it wants attention, and on other days just to be left alone. Sound a bit like you? Then it’s about time you adopt another mask or two. Together you will defy the big bad world and spread some fun, a little sass or that important message you want everyone to see.

Figuratively speaking, we all put on a different kind of mask on different occasions. You don’t usually show the same face at work as you do when letting your hair lose with your friends. Legs out of the car window and singing along to The Killers. And since it ain’t easy to be Mister Brightside wherever you go, we’ve put together a few ideas to wear the perfect mask on any occasion.

The effed-up mask

Yes, wearing a mask clearly sucks. People can’t see your upper lip stiffen as a sign of slight disapproval. And the smile of the elderly lady behind the checkout gets laminated by a plain-Jane safety mask. No, it’s not nice. All you need is a U.

woman wearing custom face-mask

The all-lips mask

The mouth is obviously a very important element in the smile-creation equation. It takes 12 muscles to conjure up a big broad smile, and various combinations of these muscles are used to exhibit a variety of facial expressions. Browse our design selection to customize a mask with a mouth or smile you want people to see.

custom face-mask with matching t-shirt

The custom neck gaiter

Popular among cowboys and gangster's alike, custom multifunctional scarfs have gone from being on the fringes of fashion to the heights of trend. Maybe it’s not the obvious choice for summer, but the cool factor is hard to deny.

two people wearing custom neck gaitors

The Social Distancing Social Club mask

Are you a social animal that’s trapped behind the mask of social distancing? Do you want people to become aware of both the irony and importance of social distancing? Then the Social Distancing Social Club is for you. 

social distancing social club custom face-mask

The duck face mask

If you’re a millennial, you basically grew up with girls imitating our little feathered friends from the local pond. Sometimes it feels like Insta was made for us just so we can pay homage to our ducky companions. Unfortunately, now it’s only half the fun because your public selfie possibilities are limited. Let them know you still have a duck face underneath that mask of yours!

duck face custom face-mask

The black lives matter mask

Because they just do. Create a custom statement mask with hashtags or any other message you want to let the world know you stand behind.

black lives matter custom face-mask