According to a survey conducted by Heinz Cup Soup, over 65% of people have an emotional attachment to their favorite mug. Your business can be part of all that love if you take the time to choose a mug that’s truly special.

Here are 6 tips you should keep in mind when choosing your coffee cups. Everyone who will receives one will feel happiness in every sip!

#1: Make Sure Your Mugs Are Portable

custom travel mugs

People are always busy and on the go. They may not have time to sit down and actually enjoy their breakfast. So with that in mind, you’ll get the best exposure if you print your logo on portable travel mugs.

Stainless steel is a great material since it’s so durable and long-lasting. You also can’t go wrong with microwaveable travel mugs. Your customers will be thankful that you took the time to think about their busy lifestyles.

#2: Tailor the Mug to Your Business

Every business is going to want something different when it comes to custom mugs. You should tailor your mugs to your industry.

custom diner mug


Stick with a classic white mug with your logo printed on the front. Your customers are there for the mom & pop experience and want to feel that retro flair with a shiny ceramic diner mug in hand.

custom coffee shop mug

Coffee Shop or Bistro

Are you a quaint little downtown coffee shop or bistro? Choose personalized mugs that reflect all that cutesiness. A distinct shape or color will be instantly associated with your establishment.

custom moscow mule mugs

Bar or Brewery

Consider adding your logo to a custom wine mug, beer stein with a handle, or a copper mug for Moscow Mules. You can also sell these as souvenirs!

custom hotel mugs

Hotel or Resort

Make people think of paradise with a curvy mug in a bright or eye-catching color. Your visitors are there to have a good time, so your mugs should reflect all that fun and excitement. Keep them on the table for the complimentary breakfast!

You can work in non-food industries like banking or education and still advertise with custom mugs. No matter what, people will use your mugs all the time, whether it’s hot coffee in the morning, hot cocoa with the kids, or tea before bedtime.

Every time someone take a sip, they’re going to see your logo. Make sure you take the time to choose a mug that will be sipped from over and over again!

#3: Use Color Wisely

Are you new to customizing items for your business? The #1 rule is to use only one ink color if it’s screen printing, or to find a full color printing option instead. Your wallet will thank you, trust me! Now that that’s settled… let’s talk about how you can still incorporate color into your mugs without printing a bunch of ink colors if you don’t want to. Print your logo in one color and look for Color matters when it comes to your custom mugs. You want your brand colors to be part of the design, either it’s in the ink design or on the mug itself. For instance, McDonald’s should have their red or yellow somewhere in the final product. FedEx should make sure to have purple or orange. Apple should use a sleek gray or white. You get the idea.

#4: Pick Unique & Trendy Mugs

Nobody is interested in another boring mug like the ones they can find anywhere and everywhere. Take the time to pick something that’s unique or trendy. Here’s some inspiration!

custom iridescent mug

You want your mugs to be used every morning and for people to take pics and share them on Instagram. If your mugs are cool enough, other people are going to want to go and get one for themselves!

#5: Try to Be Eco-Friendly

A reusable mug is way better for the planet than disposable cups. In fact, over 99% of coffee cups are not recycled according to News. You can do your part in making your mugs as eco-friendly as possible.

Simply follow these tips!

dishwasher graphic

#1: Wash it in the Dishwasher – Look for dishwasher-safe mugs to help save on water! It takes about 6 gallons of water for every dishwasher cycle, but the sink will flow at about 2 gallons every minute. If you have a bunch of other dishes to wash, it could be greener to load it all at one time.

to go coffee cup graphic

#2:  Say “No” to Paper – Print your design directly on a reusable mug instead of on a disposable one. You should also avoid printing on any labels that will come off during washing.

coffee mug graphic

#3:  Choose a durable material  Ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, copper, or stone – these are the most durable materials for custom mugs. You will get something that lasts for years, which means your mug will stay out of the garbage.

#6: Let Your Design Pop

personalized coffee mugs

Keep in mind, your end goal is to print your logo, company name, or contact information on the front of the mugs. Choose your blank mugs with that in mind. Your design should really be the star of the show, so make sure it will pop against the mug!  

You can also customize your mugs with a funny saying or a clever pun. Something like “I Woke Up Like This,” “Ready for a Refill,” or “Crazy About Coffee” will make people smile and is sure to be a bright spot to their morning.